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My Approach

Teen Psychologist

I see the work of therapy as being a team effort. Using a collaborative approach, I strive to include the client, parent/guardians of children and adolescents, and their support team to reach the client’s therapeutic goals. I integrate various treatment approaches to tailor the care to each client. In my opinion, there is no “one way” to provide or participate in therapy. No one theoretical approach can encompass all needs. To this end, I have focused on being a “forever learner", getting certified in varied approaches to be able to incorporate my many years of experience in different areas to be personalized.

Approaches utilized, skills training, and treatment provisions tailored to work with each client's needs, their goals, to help clients reach their identified ultimate potential. I have made it my mission as a therapist to gain varied experience and education to offer comprehensive yet specialized therapy to each client. When working with children and adolescents I strive to include family members in the treatment process. Families can participate in family therapy in addition to individual therapy. Alternatively, family therapy could be the primary service. 

The relationship between client and therapist is a relationship built on mutual trust and understanding. A positive therapeutic relationship is essential in treatment. The therapeutic relationship is the springboard to dive into the therapeutic process. Boundaries are established to respect the individual.  I work hard to keep a healthy balance of confidentiality for the client as well as keeping the parents/guardians of children/adolescents updated on progress and as part of the team.

Getting Help

Taking the first step to get help can seem overwhelming. I'm here to help take that first step. 

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